Pear Trees

We grow two European pear varieties: Blakes Pride and Potomac. Both varieties grow well in Northern Virginia and are ready for harvest in late August to early September. Blakes Pride is a strong pollinator and is able to pollinate most other European varieties. We advise customers to purchase a Blakes Pride and Potomac together as a result. Otherwise, honey bees or other pear varieties will be necessary for proper pollination.

Blakes PrideBlakes Pear Row G

Originating from West Virginia, this pear variety is very productive and hearty. The fruit has a beautiful glossy yellow skin and stores well. The pear flavor is sweet and aromatic with a buttery texture. The Blakes Pride tree is heat-tolerant and resistant to fire blight.

  • Harvest: Late August
  • Use of Fruit: Fresh eating, canning, desserts
  • Rootstock: Semi-dwarf OHF 97

Adams County Nursery: Blakes Pride Information


Potomac Pear
Potomac originates from Ohio and is a cross between Moonglow and the heirloom variety Beurre D’Anjou. The fruit has light green skin with a mild aroma and sweet flavor. The flesh is moderately fine. The Potomac tree is known to be strongly resistant against fire blight.

  • Harvest: Early September
  • Use of Fruit: Fresh eating, baked, poached
  • Rootstock: Semi-dwarf OHF 97

Adams County Nursery: Potomac Information