Peach Trees

We currently grow two variety of peach trees: Gloria and Sugar Giant. Gloria is a yellow fleshed peach while Sugar Giant is a white fleshed. Both varieties are ready for harvest in late August and are a freestone peach (the flesh easily comes off the peach pit). Unlike our other fruit trees, Gloria and Sugar Giant are both self-fruitful which means they do not require another tree for pollination.


Gloria Row JGloria is a new variety developed in 2010 by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University. The fruit is very attractive with scarlet red and orange-yellow coloring. Known as a stoney-hard, the Gloria peach will stay firm even after ripening. The flavor is sweet with low-acidity. The Gloria tree is extremely productive with high resistance to bacterial spot.

  • Bloom: Late Spring
  • Harvest: Late August
  • Use of Fruit: Fresh-eating, dessert

Adams County Nursery: Gloria Information

Sugar Giant

Sugar Giant Row JSugar Giants were developed in California during the 1990s and have become a well-established white fleshed peach variety for the Eastern US. The fruit is very large and firm with red blush coloring. The peach flavor has a mellow sweetness reminiscent of honey. The Sugar Giant tree is extremely productive and is medium resistant to bacterial spot.

  • Bloom: Spring
  • Harvest: Late August
  • Use of Fruit: Fresh eating

Adams County Nursery: Sugar Giant Information