How to Buy a Tree

If you are interested in purchasing from Olde Stone Orchard, your very first step is to contact Farmer John via email or phone for a consultation. The buying process is dependent on a number of different factors including: variety of tree, number of trees, how established the trees are and what services will be required for transplanting the trees. A personalized consultation will allow us to make sure you are getting the best trees at the best price!

General Pricing

The price range for an individual tree will vary from $75-300. Again, the pricing depends on many factors. If a customer purchases a large number of trees then the price per tree will be discounted. Other key factors are the caliper of tree and the transplant process.

Tree Caliper

Caliper is a unit of measurement for the diameter of a tree trunk when taken six inches from the ground. The higher the caliper, the thicker the trunk and the more established the tree. Our trees vary between 1″ to 4″ caliper.

Transplant Process

IMG_0019In order to transplant a fruit tree from the orchard we have to pull out the tree, ball the root system in burlap, and secure it in a wire basket (see photo). We are equipped to complete this process for customers and add a labor charge to the tree price accordingly. However, if a customer is able to assist in this process then we reduce the tree price.