Apple Trees

We have been experimenting with different types of apple trees to determine which varieties work best for Northern Virginia. Currently, our tested and best growing varieties include: Galarina, GoldRush, Redfree and Querina. Like most apple varieties, these trees are self-sterile so we advise customers to purchase at least two trees to ensure proper pollination. The harvest season is different for each apple starting in early August and ending in mid November. As a result, we encourage customers to purchase one of each variety so you can enjoy fresh apples all season long!


galarinaGalarina apples were developed in France from a cross between parent varieties Gala and Querina. Their flavor is crisp and sweet and the fruit can be stored up to four months. Galarina trees are relatively hardy with a resistance to apple scab, mildew and fire blight.

  • Bloom: Mid Season
  • Harvest: Late September
  • Rootstock: Semi-dwarf EMLA 7
  • Use of Fruit: Fresh-eating and salads

Adams County Nursery: Galarina Information


goldrushGoldRush apples were named for their golden color and “rush” of flavor. They do very well in cold storage and can last up to seven to ten months. The fruit has a crisp and tart flavor that resists oxidation when cut. The Goldrush tree has a high resistance to apple scab and mildew and a moderate resistance to fire blight.

  • Bloom: Late Season
  • Harvest: Mid November
  • Rootstock: Semi-dwarf EMLA 7
  • Use of Fruit: Applesauce and winter desserts

Adams County Nursery: GoldRush Information


More REDFREERedfree is named for its classic maroon “red” coloring and hardy ability to be “free” from most diseases . Redfree was developed in New Jersey and introduced in the 1980s. The fruit is very juicy with a hint of strawberry flavor. As alluded to in its name, the Redfree tree is resistant to apple scab, fire blight, powdery mildew, and cedar apple rust.

  • Bloom: Mid Season
  • Harvest: Early August
  • Rootstock: Semi-dwarf EMLA 26
  • Use of Fruit: Fresh eating

Adams County Nursery: Redfree Information


querinaQuerina apples, also known as Florina, are a French cultivar with Golden Delicious, Jonathan and Rome Beauty as its parent varieties. The fruit is juicy but firm with a tart and sweet flavor. The Querina tree is resistant to apple scab and moderately resistant to fire blight. However, this variety is susceptible to cedar apple rust.

  • Bloom: Mid Season
  • Harvest: Mid October
  • Rootstock: Semi-dwarf EMLA 7
  • Use of Fruit: Fresh-eating

Adams County Nursery: Querina Information